Energizing the Knoxville Riverfront

Energizing the Knoxville Riverfront

Rivers have been an integral part of towns and cities since the world’s first civilization, Mesopotamia, sprouted and prospered between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  They irrigated our crops, provided fresh water and offered a ready-made way to transport people and products.

Today, rivers are all about having fun, and that is what Knoxville Cycleboats does best by bringing boat rentals – both a 20-passenger cycleboat and 12-passenger electric Duffys – to the Knoxville Riverfront at Volunteer Landing Marina.  It offers everyone or all ages and fitness levels, from University of Tennessee students to multi-generational families, an opportunity to enjoy a no-fuss cruise on the river.

“After my first exploratory visit we knew Knoxville was the right destination to expand our business,” said Ron Silvia, owner of Knoxville Cycleboats.  “It has all the elements we wanted: beautiful downtown waterfront, pro-business policies and, most important, an active, engaged local community.  We believe in a few years the Knoxville Riverfront will be a big draw for both locals and visitors.”

Knoxville Cycleboats launched at Volunteer Landing Marina with the intent to activate the riverfront, and help it grow into a destination that can rival San Antonio or Chicago’s riverwalks.  The area is fast becoming a place for locals and visitors to enjoy both the downtown area and the natural beauty of the Tennessee River.

Being located at Volunteer Landing was the right location not only for logistical reasons, but to take advantage of the riverfront parks and the James White Greenway.  These attractions all work together to offer a great place for people to gather to enjoy both the river and downtown.

For 2022, Knoxville Cycleboats will offer cyceboats and Duffy boat rentals.  Cycleboats hold up to 20 passengers and include a captain and deckhad.  The 21-foot electric Duffys offer a self-drive (must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license) experience for up to 12 passengers.  All boats are BYOB (bring your own beer or wine or pre-mixed drinks), including food.  Both have blue-tooth sound systems, and, of course, all the necessary safety equipment.  Our cycleboats also feature a flat-screen tv which will be playing all University of Tennessee sporting events.

While Knoxville Cycleboats will launch this year with two options for getting on the river, they intend to expand over the years to include their Retro and Donut boats as well as looking at other products that align with their electric ethos.  The future is bright orange in Knoxville.