Culture Building and Cruising in Knoxville

Culture Building and Cruising in Knoxville


No doubt, as a business, the words “these are challenging times” seem to not sufficiently summarize the past two years.  Ironically, Webster’s definition supports such feelings. The word Challenging is defined there as “arousing competitive interest, thought or action”. It seems that many synonyms listed in Webster define the COVID-created business world in more descriptive and accurate terms.  Such words include; herculean, uphill, murderous, tough, backbreaking, demanding, difficult, grueling, hard, and hellacious.   

The pandemic thrust all of us into forced and unexpected disruptions to every facet of business and personal life. Gratefully, two years later, we are learning how to handle and process these disruptive changes for our businesses. Our workers have always been an essential element for success and profitability.  In the current environment, employee motivation is much more difficult to achieve due to so many COVID-created fears.  Without motivation, performance declines.  When performance declines so do productivity. Lower productivity proportionally decreases profits.  

When renting a Knoxville Cycleboat, everyone can participate in this new and fun experience while getting to learn more about their colleagues. The concept of “teamwork” is achieved through everyone needing to pedal together to paddle the boat along the Tennessee River. This is a great opportunity for a shared experience where everyone is having talking, drinking, and having an adventure on the water.

The Cycleboats are spacious and stable, allowing employees to move about and mingle with each other.  The boats are equipped with coolers and tables to hold all the drinks and food you bring along – our rentals are BYOB. They are also outfitted with sound systems and a flat-screen television so you can play videos or turn on a University of Tennessee sporting event.  A fully-licensed captain and deckhand allow passengers to enjoy a fun, safe cruise. 

As a business, the pandemic has forced significant changes to processes, administration and to product generation, product delivery, hiring, maintaining, and motivating employees.  Along the way, innovation has provided methods for enabling continued operations.  These fast and sometimes, significant changes in processes and procedures were placed upon the employees.  The ability to handle changes in their job scope, duties, and responsibilities fostered and generated added stresses not present before.  Before the pandemic, workers had job duties and responsibilities that were suddenly, and sometimes drastically re-defined and frequently changed.  

Changes generate fear in most employees.  They mostly fear that they are not capable, which affects their self-esteem and performance.  Additionally, there are many other fears existing and challenging them. These include:

  •  Fear of acquiring COVID; missing work and salary; and the possibility of obtaining high medical bills.
  • Fear of losing their job.
  • Fear of not knowing the details of what changes to job requirements may be expected of them at any given moment.

Challenges to businesses have never been greater. Essential to success is the employees who need to be:

  • Respected
  • Acknowledged
  • Rewarded
  • Made to feel “part of a team”
  • Wanted
  • Loyal
  • Motivated
  • Appreciated

A great way towards achieving a company’s good morale is to hold a corporate event that’s fun and not related to work. When renting a Knoxville Cycleboat, everyone can join in for some sun and fun! It really is a perfect way to bond with your colleague’s outside the traditional work setting. Great bonding is awaiting while on this water adventure. The concept of “teamwork” is achieved through everyone needing to pedal together    

Help to build a stronger business by appreciating your staff!


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